Meet Olalah Njenga . . . a self-proclaimed, high-functioning introvert

Here’s how I was recently introduced: Olalah has the always on energy of Tony Robbins, the Christian-based philosophy of Dave Ramsey and the irreverent sense of humor of Steve Colbert. All this and yet she stands a mere 5 foot three inches tall. What an introduction, right?

Don’t even ask me about the origin of my first name. You’ll be disappointed. It’s no where near as exotic or glamorous as you think it is. My mother let my father name me. He wanted me to have something “memorable”. Is he insane? So after years of therapy, it was just easier to tell people that it was the smoke from the sixties and my parents were high. My mother is still mortified that I tell people that.

So let’s see . . . what else can I tell you about me?
Since I was 7 years old, I have been obsessed with all things purple. My favorite flower is a tulip – nearly any color of tulip, but you can imagine that purple tulips are on the top of that list. I have an enormous sweet tooth, which is fueled by my obsession with Dunkin’ Donuts. I have two wickedly smart adult children. As I get older, they make me feel a little dumber every day.

Speaking of kids – good news. I’m an empty-nester. Now I’m not reminded on a daily basis that I’m getting so old. It’s so cool that my husband and I can actually do dinner as “2 for $20″ (instead of 4 for $40!). Life is good. Speaking of “the husband”, he’s the reason for this crazy last name. His first name? George! Just plain ‘ole George. Seriously? George is an engineer. Can you imagine raising kids together with our very different personalities? Oh what fun!

How about some fun facts!
– I met first lady Michelle Obama. I never had a complex about my height until I stood next to her.
– I moved to Raleigh from Chicago as part of a corporate relocation. I miss the hot dogs, but not the wind.
– I’m an only child. No, I don’t miss having siblings.
– I’m an INTJ (for you Myers-Briggs people). It’s not a typo. I’m a “Type A” Introvert.
– I didn’t really have a sense of humor until I started a company and had kids. Ohhhh the stories!

You’re all caught up! Now onward to more serious stuff . . .